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During July and August the gallery is open by appointment only.  

Traces and Shapes, Squares and Circles – Jeroen Jongeleen

On the lookout for reason in the remains of modernism, for his second exhibition at Harlan Levey Projects, Jeroen Jongeleen places several ongoing projects alongside each other. ‘Reference Points,’ ‘Emotional Cities,’ ‘Traces’ and ‘Running Shapes,’ build on projects exhibited here in 2012 such as ‘City Jewels,’ ‘Dirty Line as Landscape,’ and ‘Plastic Bag as a Jolly Roger.’ They consist of physical interventions that transform significance and alter our unsuspecting gaze as Jongeleen interrupts regulation to create cracks in the public landscape. Works from his ‘No Style/Geen Stijl’ project are also included. This is a body that links to previous projects like ‘Inside Job’ and ‘Text Signs,’ which deal with what it means to be an artist in our time, and relationships between artist, institution and various forms of private patronage.

Exhibition runs from June 11 – July 13, 2014
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October – November / Amelie Bouvier (FR)

September / Benjamin Patterson (US) curated by O.Rynell Cash


Traces and shapes, squares and circles, solo exhibition Jeroen Jongeleen (NL) / 11.06 – 13.07



April 05 - I Wish I had a River, group exhibition with Erich Gruber (AT), Marcin Dudek (PL), Volkan Diyaroglu (TR), Roland Bouvier (PT), Charlotte Schleiffert (NL)

Art Brussels 2014, FIRST Section with  Abner Preis (US), Marcin Dudek (PL) and Petr Davydtchenko (RU/SE)

Penthouse Art Event at Hotel BLOOM Brussels
Features performances and works from Michael Aerts, Michel Lorand, Aldo van den Broek, Amelie Bouvier, Marcin Dudek, John Ryan Brubaker, Willehad Eilers, Rob Buelens, Steven Schepens, Petr Davydtchenko and Sanam Khatibi. Presentation of Extra Extra: Nouveau Magazine Erotique and a reading from Sam Steverlynk.

Contemporary Art Auction
Cornette de Saint Cyr Bruxelles – The auction features ‘City Jewels’ by Jeroen Jongeleen.

Initiative from Art Brussels with the generous contribution of Abner Preis. ‘Donkey Dan and the Donkey Tribe

Burnout, solo exhibition Petr Davydtchenko (RU/SE) / 23.01 – 16.03


Public Data Explorer/ 09.11.2013 – 22.12.2013: Pilvi Takala (FI), Alexandra Dementieva (RU/BE) Jordan Seiler (US), and Ermias Kifleyesus (ET)

Ermias Kifleyesus (ET/BE) - Materials curated by: O.Rynell Cash / 18.10 – 03.11

Willehad Eilers (DE/NL) – Das Paradies / 06.09 – 13.10

Abner Preis (US/NL) – The Plague Doctors / 07.06 – 11.08

Frog King Kwok Man Ho (HK) – Frogtopia / 12.04 – 12.05

On Paraphotography: Uncertainty, The Uncanny, & The Occult / 07.03 – 03.04

Marcin Dudek (PL) – Too Close For Comfort / 26.01 – 02.03

Isaac Cordal (ES) – Prestige / 08.11 – 16.12

Petr Davydtchenko (RU/SE) – Mental Propreties / 07.09 – 21.10

Zoe Strauss (US), Jordan Seiler (US), Abner Preis (US), Jeroen Jongeleen (NL) – Running with Rocky / 14.04 – 03.06

Admir Jahic (CH), Comenius Roethlisberger (CH) – Don’t love me too much / 14.02 – 18.03

Stefan Gross (NL) – Sustainable Trash / 15.12 – 29.01

In collaboration with the United Nations – Say No to Violence Against Women/ 19.10 – 06.11

Tobias Allanson (SE) – MacGyver and the Mousse / 10.09 – 15.10

Willehad Eilers (DE) – More Future / 23.04 – 01.06



Harlan Levey Projects

Harlan Levey Projects (HLP) Gallery is located in downtown Brussels, at the heart of the European capital’s new gallery and design district. The gallery works closely with a small roster of international artists, hosting an annual program that includes solo projects, thematic group exhibitions, performances and community building/educational activities. HLP also provides critical texts to clients like Gingko Press (DE/USA). the VanAbbe Museum (Eindhoven), Showroom Mama (Rotterdam) and the Domein voor Kunst Kritique (Amsterdam), offering bi-lateral consultancy services for artists, creative industry partners and all types of contemporary art collections.



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